I am located in inner city Calgary.   My regular clients trust me, and as a result, are long time clients, and are my greatest walking advertisement.  My wonderful clients range from young professionals to aging gracefully Grandmothers. Every women loves a beautiful set of eyelashes.

My philosophy is to offer a custom look that suits your eye shape, existing eye lashes,  lifestyle and make-up cleansing routine.  My focus is on your lash health not counting how many lash extensions I apply, or to apply the thickest lash extensions available.  Further, I will advise you of supplements that can strengthen and increase eye lash vitality.

It is my goal to provide information about what a  quality set of lash extensions should look and feel like, and how to best care for your new lovely lashes, and your investment. 


Expert Lash Extension Services

   In my home based studio....    


Ladies, did you know that eyelash extensions can give you the illusion of more open and lifted eyes.  Its like Botox, without the expense or needles!






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No More “24 hour Curing Time To Get Them Wet!”  With my revolutionary method for curing Lash

Extensions there's no more down time.  Waiting 24 hours to get your lash extensions wet

is a thing of the past.  Work-out, swim, apply makeup, and shower as usual- right off the table if you

wanted to!

Have you noticed your eyes burning when you open them up after lash services?

Burn no more! This is a burn free zone!  Because lashes are fully cured immediately following each

application, you won't feel any burning what-so-ever.

Myself and ALL Lash Envy students and graduates are the first and ONLY Lash Artists that offer this special

lash curing system in Calgary.